In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret was awarded BLACKREFER.COM'S Reviewer's Choice Award for outstanding read of 2004!

* Set in the 1950's and inspired by real events IN HER PRESENCE...will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. It gets a 4-star rating. The RAWSISTAZ Book Club


* Suspenseful Novel Waiting For You. Nancy Weaver, a resident of New York has written a powerful and compelling saga that covers many years on one man's family living in the southern part of the USA. The novel is inspired by real life events and is indeed a genuine SHOCKER. Be prepared to take deep breaths as you turn the pages of this gripping and riveting novel. Reviewed by Emily Means-Wills. Literary reviewer: http://www.anutwistaflavah.com

* Nancy Weaver's debut novel hits the ground running - Connie Read In Color Book Club

* In Her Presence...brought tears to my eyes. Weaver has proven to be a storyteller for the ages in this saga set in the South in the 1950's - Delores Thornton, Blackrefer.com, Blacks/African American Book Reviews.

* HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Reviewer: deenice (Brooklyn, NY) This book was definitely a page-turner. Out of all the family sagas I've read so far, this one topped them all. There was not one boring moment. This is the kind of book that will keep you up all night and make you miss your stop on the train.

* Nancy, I just want you to know that your book was a page-turner. I couldn't put it down. I finished it in 1 day. Now I am so excited to find out when your next book is coming out. You are a BLESSED writer. Continue to do what you do and I will continue to read your books-Sabrina.

* EMOTIONAL READ! This book was so intense and emotional that I couldn't put it down until I finished it! You did a remarkable job with this story, and it will hit home for a lot of readers. This book should be rated a 10! Peace and Blessings to you, Nancy--R.A. Rippy "rarippy" (Shelbyville, Tennessee United States)

* "Marvelous! A Great Novel! A Master Piece!" are the buzz words from a small town in Port Gibson Mississippi, to the Big Apple in New York City. ("Its a great book!" says, Sarah Gordon, author of In the Light of Darkness, (Port Gibson, MS)

* "You've got a 'master piece'," says Nancy's editor, Irma Tyrus (New York City).

* "You've got to write the sequel!" says Dana Jackson, reader of In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret (Brooklyn, NY)

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R e v i e w FALL 2005
In Her Presence: A HUSBAND’S DIRTY SECRET By Nancy Weaver

"In Her Presence is a story of interest for young women coming of age."

Weaver, Nancy. In Her Presence: A Husband’s Dirty Secret.

As the title suggests, a husband, Rufus Poygoode, has a secret that is devastating to the women in his life. One woman is Charlotte, whom Rufus marries to gain land ownership. The other woman is Maebelle Hawkins, whom he marries to satisfy his revenge. As a youth, his Aunt Olga Berry sexually abused him. The consequences of this abuse affect his relationship with Maebelle and are the catalyst of a family’s dissolution.
When Rufus first meets Maebelle at his nightclub, he thinks he is seeing a ghost. He strongly suspects that Maebelle is Olga’s daughter. In contrast, when Maebelle sees Rufus, she imagines she’s found her rich prince even though she knows he’s married. Against her friend’s advice, she continues to pursue Rufus. Unbeknown to her, Rufus begins his vendetta against Maebelle and her children. His revenge of sexual and psychological abuse enslaves Maebelle’s family for the next two generations. His reign of terror ends when his granddaughter Tara rebels. She finds the courage to defy Rufus and rescue the whole family.
Weaver’s novel illustrates how low self-esteem affects a woman’s choice and how physical and mental abuse affects a family. The novel features powerful and graphic details of abuse. Consequently, if the events depicted are relevant to the reader’s life, there will be an extra connection.
Dora Love San Francisco, Calif.

C2 The Birmingham Times Thursday, March 17, 2005 The Southeast’s Largest Black Weekly
April is Child Abuse Awareness Month
Women Who Contribute to Sexual Abuse of Their Daughters
For years women have been covering up the misdeeds of their husband and lover’s predatory appetites. According to statistics, one in four girls will be sexually abused by the time they turn eighteen.
Forty-one percent will become sexual victims before the age of eight.
In many households the predator is the child’s own father.
Uncapped, fathers have been known to move from daughter to daughter.
In extreme cases fathers move from daughter to son.
"This is a problem of huge proportion with far reaching ramifications," says Nancy Weaver author of In Her Presence: A Husband’s Dirty Secret. Weaver’s book touches on intergenerational sexual abuse, which extended into the third generation, while mom looked the other way. Asked if her story was fiction, Weaver contends, "My story is inspired by true events in the life of a childhood friend, but can be considered fiction because the names and locations have been changed to protect the victims of this heinous crime."

Weaver believes her childhood friend’s plight is not unique, that then and now, there are fine lines of commonalities among women and daughters vulnerable to violent, predatory males; and feels deeply frustrated that the victims often suffer in silence while the low-down predator gets to gleefully lick his chops, eagerly waiting for his next prey, or opportunities to keep victimizing over and over the young victim that has no power, no voice, no protector.

By writing In Her Presence: A Husband’s Dirty Secret, Weaver hoped to open the door to families’ "hush, hush secret" for discussion, hoping it will catch on fire and motivate victims to early on expose their predator. Weaver emphasizes that mothers who know and remain silent–as is the case in her story–contribute to the sexual abuse of their daughters, and should be held accountable to the law.

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In Her Presence: A Husband’s Dirty Secret by Nancy Weaver

An emotional topic with a strong message… Powerful.

A man has the right to do what he wishes to his family, doesn’t he?

"It’s no one’s damn business," says Rufus Poygoode, one of the main characters from Weaver’s book. This black man owns a sizable amount of acres with a big beautiful house and furnishings, quite a feat in the 1950’s, especially in Mississippi. Rufus realized his luck, and wasn’t about to allow anyone to ruin it. Those girls were lucky to have a father like him. They had food and nicer clothes than other people of their race. And, why couldn’t people leave his family alone? If he thins his children should stay home and not go to school, who are they to say otherwise? He had their lives planned out anyway. "A man has a right to rule his house the way he sees fit," says Rufus.

Tara Poygoode realizes something needs to be done. Her grandmother wouldn’t help; her fear went beyond reason. The woman did anything her man asked to do. He’d claimed he wanted her to move up to the main hose, and said she needed to lean how to run the farm. Tara did exceptionally well in school, and held dreams of going to college. At first, Rufus didn’t tell Tara his true plans, but Tara found out one horrible day. She decides it’s time to devise a plan, one to save her family and herself. It had to b e flawless, because the penalty, if discovered would be high, and Rufus watched their every move.

Unspeakable crimes know every skin color. This is a story of emotional and physical torture, of difficult choices, incredible courage; and second chances, and of offense against children and women. A girl’s father should protect her, but Rufus’ views are twisted, and his attitude vindictive. To survive in his house, meant the summoning of enormous strength.

Weaver reveals heinous crimes. Her tale becomes real. I hear her character’s screams, tears, and of living on pins and needles. Rape isn’t a pretty thing to write about.

How does this book measure up? Weaver’s ability to tell a story is good. Her story itself is excellent. This is what holds her readers. The plot provides insight to how some men in the 50’s viewed, and still does today, women and children, and how people knowingly allow children to be harmed, if they gain by it. The most scathing criticism Weaver offers is how heads turn the other way to secure themselves, even when the horrendous crime is against children prevailing ‘In Her Presence’ has a wonderful moments of warmth. I have always been interested in the fair treatment of women and children. This story touches a sensitive spot in my heart. This account is important, believable, and worth spending time with. An emotional topic with a strong message. Powerful.

–Christina Francine
Midwest Book Review

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